Mitchell and Linus

Linus and his father. (Episode 1)

Linus Hoban is the son of Mitchell and Karina Hoban. He made his first and currently only appearence in (Episode 1).


Like many children of the past 10 years, Linus was born on the planet Carpathia, but one of his greatest interests is Tigers, a species only found on Earth, and believed to have been wiped out by the act of man. Towards the arrival of CT-9, one of the last planetary transports, he began practicing a poem to play upon its arrival.

When his father Mitchell returned from his latest expedition, He took Linus away from Forthaven, where he'd lived all his life. But Mitchell was shot dead by Fleur Morgan, and Karina died in the medical center from a concusion to the head. Due to this, from then on he was entrusted into the care of his teacher, who showed a sense of fondness towards him.