Invictus Kellerman
Vital statistics
Title Mr.
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Job Captain of a transport ship
Children Unknown
Views and beliefs Unknown
Appearances Episode 1
Portrayed by Patrick Lyster
"Are there any Human beings out there?"
―Kellerman calls out for any life on Carpathia[src]

Captain Invictus Kellerman was the captain of the transport ship CT-9, during its final descent towards Carpathia.


Episode 1Edit

In the final hours of orbit, the heat-shields designed to protect it upon re-entry were compromised, and it began to break up. To ensure passenger survival, the six life-boat pods were activated, but Kellerman stayed on the control bridge conversing with Richard Tate, president of Carpathia. His last words were about how he could see the planet, and how beautiful he thought it was, but he perished in blazing fireball of CT-9.