Fleur Morgan
Fleur Morgan
Vital statistics
Title Miss
Gender Female
Date of Birth circa 2051 (artificially created)
Marital Status Single
Job PAS officer
Parents Unknown
Children None
Views and beliefs Richard Tate's Government
Appearances Episodes:
Portrayed by Amy Manson
"I love Forthaven, my life, I wish it could stay like this forever."

Fleur Morgan (Amy Manson) is a young, bright and idealistic and a PAS officer alongside Cass Cromwell.


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Early LifeEdit

Fleur does not remember much about her early life or Earth. It is later revealed that this is because she was created artificially ten years ago.

Episode 1Edit

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Episode 2Edit

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Episode 3Edit

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Episode 4Edit

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Episode 5Edit

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Episode 6Edit

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Episode 7Edit

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Episode 8Edit

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She is fearless; almost like a bohemian but with a bit more fight. She has a beautiful spirit, unspoilt by her past—with her what you see is what you get. What she thinks she misses most from Earth is her parents, it's a big void in her life. She never talks about it, although later on she finds out why she's always kind of brushed it aside.

Fleur is a fighter because she grew up on her own and continually is fighting for a better life—not for herself but for Carpathia, she's always reaching out to others and will constantly put others before herself. Fleur's constant challenge is really not to let her work come home with her—every episode there's always someone who enters her life and that always has such a profound effect on her.

Her daily life is a protection and support officer, which the equivalent of a police officer on Earth—just to get up, go to work, have banter, sort some people out and then go home, that's really her.


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