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CT-9 approaching Carpathia.

Carpathia is a fictional Goldilocks planet, meaning its properties are extremely similar to Earth and can support human life.


It is said to lie on a five year course from Earth at an unknown speed. It is easy to assume that the planet is orbiting the star α Centauri A, as it is the same star type as the sun (GV2) and is within 5 light years of Earth.


Carpathia's name is given as it is the name of the first ship to arrive to help the legendary sinking ship - Titanic. It was the capable of holding many survivors and transporting them to somewhere safe.


Jack and Stella

Jack Holt and Stella Isen on the surface of Carpathia, its two moons can be seen in the distance.

Carpathia is prone to a geoelectrical phenomenon called a white-out, in which the planet's surface is prone to storms have similar properties to dust/sand storms of that on Earth. It is shown that Carpathia has at least two moons.



Carpathia is the planet chosen to relocate a fraction of Earth's population to restart human civilisation, away from the effects of the nuclear threat on Earth. It is the planet on which the Carpathians and the Advanced Cultivars live. It is also the site of the city of Forthaven, built from the first transporter ship CT-1. Seven other transport ships arrived there.

Episode 1Edit

Episode 1 is set 10 years after the colonisation of Carpathia. CT-9 arrived but experienced trouble, six Sub-shuttles escaped as the ship was destroyed, killing all those left behind.

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Episode 5Edit

Evidence has been found that suggests that a form of Hominid life was present on Carpatia, thousands of years ago.

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