Tipper Malone infected by C-24

C-24 is a new virus which strikes Forthaven in Episode 8.


Spread by the host force on Carpathia, it first infects Tipper Malone, with Lily Isen contracting it soon afterwards. Due to it's similar but not totally identical symptoms to C-23, it was given the next number in the series. Several more people get infected and then die from it over the next few days. It was neutralized by Stella Isen's ultrasonic force-field idea, which is put over Forthaven, destroying the host's psychic connections to the people inside.


The first symptom is a whispy glow around the victim's head, making diagnosis very easy. Further symptoms are presented in at least 3 stages, which took half as long to spread than the original viruses infection to death rate of 3-4 days. These include headaches, blotchy red skin and constant de-hydration.